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Exciting News: Socket Announces Upcoming EP Release.

In a recent announcement that has stirred the curiosity of music enthusiasts, Socket, the versatile artist, has provided insights into his upcoming EP, set to delve into the compelling realm of gangsta rap. This revelation follows the positive reception of his previous work, “RARE,” offering a glimpse into an authentic artistic venture that mirrors the artist’s dedication and evolution within the gangsta rap genre. Socket sheds light on the meticulous creative process behind the EP, underscoring the significant effort invested since the release of “RARE.” His time in the studio has been marked by an earnest exploration of the distinctive elements of gangsta rap, skill refinement, and a commitment to delivering a collection that resonates with fans of the genre. At its core, the EP becomes a canvas for Socket’s exploration of the raw, unfiltered narratives characteristic of gangsta rap. Each track interlaces the gritty beats, authentic storytelling, and societal reflections that define